Wednesday, October 12, 2011

king of animal

The lion is a wild animal. Lions are found living in the grasslands of Africa. There no wild lions in Bangladesh and European countries. But there are captive lions in the zoo of many countries of the world. They are put in a separate cage. Lions are flesh-eating animals. When they are hungry they wander sound for food. They hunt smaller animals and feed on them. Captive lions in zoos are given their food regularly by the keepers. The food is usually raw meat. Lions are beautiful animals. The male lion has a ring of hair round its head. The hair is called a mane.  It looks very impressive. When the lion is young, the hair of the mane is yellow. When it is old, the hair is sometimes black. The female lion or lioness dose not has a mane. Lions are very dangerous animals. They can kill human beings. Visitors to zoos should not get near the cage of the lions. A lion is called the king of beasts. Actually beasts do not have a king. But a lion is given this little possible because it is regarded as the most powerful animal in the world.